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Oh hello

Posted by SgtPooter - August 8th, 2010

How are you?

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I am good

ver nice, glad to hear it

you seem like a rather nice bloke, and your arts great! i am fine, how are you?

Wow thats very nice of you to say, and Im doin great thanks :)

no problem, and a nice person deserves nice responces. all to much it seems to be lacking these days :/ but its good to see those few :) so may i ask, do you have any specific inspiration for your art?

hmmm, thats the big question I guess haha
tough one to answer too
I guess I can start by saying that the two main things I like drawing are usually architectural things, and people
With stuff such as buildings and all that however, I always do it with pen and paper rather than on the computer. Ive always just liked architecture and the idea of designing buildings as an art form
When I draw people though, it usually has something incorporated from my life in the picture. Not always, but sometimes. Could be as simple as a phrase I overheard, a pair of headphones representing my delve into music at the time, or maybe even just a pretty face I see hahaha. Most of my work to back this up is in my sketchbook though. But on here, I guess good examples would be my pictures "imagination" and "be free."
Thats a tough question hahaha, but thanks for askin and I hope this was a decent explanation my friend :)

Very much! i did not forsee such a proper one haha but it is very interesting to hear, shame your art doesnt seem to be taking off, though often it is usually the lesser items that take off anyway though ( look at pop culture for instance :P ) i had always wanted to get into music, but i kept putting off getting lessons now it appears im to busy for this, but i degress. so do you have an xbox? (random question i know, but i am playing mine and am bored haha)

which instrument did you want to take up?

Im hopin my art will take off someday as I get better. I've seen lots of great stuff in the portal and my goal is to get featured hahaha

and yup, got a xbox, but i dont really plan that offen anymore :(
whatre you playing?

well i had always hoped to be a singer, or perhaps a guitarist, but it seems to late for me now :/ but i get to be a mechanic which i would love to do anyway, and dont worry from what i see you will get featured eventually :) well i have drifted away from mine as well, but the game i currently am into is called the saboteur, it takes place in paris during ww2, very good and intriguing game haha, what games do you like?

Oh the saboteur, Ive heard of that one, youre playing as this irish dude right? looks pretty fun
the last games i played were super street fighter IV and fight night round 4. also been playing some gears of war 2 horde mode every now and then
A mechanic? thats pretty awesome, what kinda stuff you work on?
never to late to pick up somethin new like a guitar :)

yes that is the one, it is very fun to me, and the only fighting game ive ever been good at is soul caliber :P but horde mode is super fun though! but its been awahile sine ive played gears. and im going to uti in september specializing in audis, my first choice was porsche but seeing as im engaged to someone who wants kids, four door cars seem to be the way to go haha, and thanks! perhaps ill give it a try later :) you never know haha. so what kinda music do you like? I listen to pendulum, vamire weekend, innerpartysystem, the prodigy, the birthday massacre, and pretty much anything good so long as it isnt rap or country :P haha

SOul calibur is pretty sweet aswell
woah, your a car mechanic? thats awesome man
And dang you got good taste in music. I also love pendulum and vampire weekend, and I used to listen to prodigy. Lately ive been revisiting metallica, oasis, and the verve

Thanks! I have a passion for cars so it just fit together :P and some people say i have great taste and some say horrible taste haha but anyones playlist that has pendulum must have good taste ;) but oasis and metallica are amazing as well but ive never heard of the verve so im looking them up now lol. right now im watching top gear, its the best show ever, to me anyways haha

i used to be really into bloc party and shiny toy guns as well, but their new albums dissappointed me :(

i used to like em too, but i havent heard their new songs
the verve is great, bittersweet symhpony is their famous one, and easily their best song i think
top gear? never heard of it but im guessing... its about cars? hahaha

i do not know who you are, but any random person who uses a bear for an icon is a good person in my book.